We are the Franklin’s; a family of four living in Alexandria, LA. What started out as purchasing a family pet (Ana) turned into us completely falling in love with this breed and wanting to provide the same love for other families. We are a small in-home breeder, meaning we only have 3-5 litters a year and they are literally raised in our bedroom and dining room. Each puppy is treated like one of our own while here, being loved on and played with by the whole family.

Here at Elimwood Farm we pride ourselves in producing beautiful, healthy, well-rounded puppies. All of our parents have been genetically health tested as well as OFA certified. That is why we are confident in offering a 72 hour health guarantee as well as a 2 year health guarantee for each puppy. Our puppies are raised according to Puppy Culture methods which prepares them in many aspects to succeed in their new homes. We have produced several service and therapy dogs.